Charger Tiras

Color Charger

Name: James Tiras
Nickname: Charger
Age: 22
Species: Saiya-jin/Human Hybrid
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 201 lb
Eye Color: Silver (non-SSJ)
Hair Color: Coppery Brown (Non-SSJ)


Father: Radditz
Brother: Noah
Signifigant Other: n/a

Special Abilities:

1. Bukujutsu- "No Air" The ability to fly with one's ki.
(Charger only learned to fly at age 18, after years of trying to figure out how)

2. Shunkanido- "The Instant Transmission" The user places two fingers on his forehead, searches for a Ki he wants to go to, then when he finds it, can teleport there.
(North Kaio granted him this ability so he could find Majin Buu)

3. Fusion Dance- A technique that has to be performed perfectly to work correctly. The two people perfom the dance and touch their fingers together and shout, "FUSION-HA!" The two then fuse into a stronger warrior.
(Charger learned the Fusion pose in the afterlife, and first used it with his twin brother, Noah, creating Chroah)

4 Zanzoken- or as I call it, the "Blurr," the user can move so fast he leaves an after-image, while attacking from another standpoint.
(Charger always seemed to know this skill...)

SSj Charger
5. Super Saiya-jin- When a Saiya-jin turns SSJ, his hair turns gold and his eyes turn green. Usually a aura surrounds his body and the Saiya-jin's power increases substantially.  There are various power-ups with the Super Saiya-jin stage, grade 1(stat boost), grade 2(Ultimate), and grade 3(full power/mastery).
(Charger learns to become a Super Saiya-jin at age 13... and has many adventures during this time.)

6. Ultimate Super Saiya-jin- The beefed up Super Saiya-jin, USSj2 increases strength to a new level, having power like that of SSj2, but lacking the speed due to the muscle mass increase... the hair becomes more pointed.
(Charger reaches this form briefly when confronted with Atomyutwo)

SSj2 Charger
7. Super Saiya-jin 2- The Super Saiya-jin level 2 is a power far greater than the regular Super Saiya-jin. The difference in SSj and SSj2 is a high increase in power, and the hair becomes more dynamic and pointed.
(Charger reaches this form while training in the afterlife with North Kaio)
8. Ultimate Super Saiya-jin 2- This is what I believe Brolli becomes... the muscle mass swells to that beyond anything imaginable, the hair tints neon green, and the pupils vanish... in this form, also called the Legendary Super-Saiya-jin form, makes you almost unstoppable... as long as you have the power to control it.
(Though he has not used it yet, it is believed Charger could ascend to this form)

SSj3 Charger
9. Super Saiya-jin 3- In the SSj3 form, the Saiya-Jin's hair grows much longer and shines a bright golden color and their eyebrows disappear. The power grows incredibly, but there is a downside. The SSj3 form drains power quickly and should only be used as a last resort, but while working in this form... Charger has been able to master it.
(Charger reaches this form while training in the afterlife with North Kaio)

USSj3 Charger
10. Ultimate Super Saiya-jin 3- Like the two ultimate forms for the other Super Saiya-jin stages... muscle mass increases greatly... the long, SSj3 hair points out more and tints neon green, and the eye pupils vanish.  The swollen muscles require tremendous blood flow, so veins can be seen above the skin... the weakness in this form is power drain, and the blood vessels... if the vessels somehow get cut, it could lead to blood loss.
(Charger first uses this form while fighting Serubuu)

SSj4 Charger
11. Super Saiya-jin 4- When the powers of the Golden Oozaru can be suppressed into a smaller and faster form, it is called Super Saiya-jin 4. A coat of red fur covers most of the body, minus hands, face, and chest... and the hair on the head grows longer... a tail is also present... this form will lead the way to greater forms later on when trained properly in the skills it can hold.
(Charger transforms to SSj4 to battle Cell v. 2.0)

SSj5 Charger
12. Super Saiya-jin 5- Think of SSj4 as a starting point for new transformations... SSj5 is the golden furred, pumped up, form for SSj4... the body fur will turn gold in color and the hair on the head will become longer and blonde, as like in the original SSj.... muscle mass will increase... as well as all skills. Blue lightning crisscrosses around this form.
(Charger ascends to SSj5 to battle Daemonox when SSj4 proves useless)

SSj6 Charger
13. Super Saiya-jin 6- Super Saiya-jin 6 is the ultimate form attainable.  The form is almost Lion-like in appearance as the hair on the body becomes pointed and patched... a beard develops and fangs appear.  Muscle mass is much larger.
(After Leuke, Raditz, and Vegeta are killed by Daemonox, utter rage sends Charger mad and he transforms into the Legendary SSj6.)

14. Diamondfist- Charger can harden the matter in his fist, enfuse it with all his ki, and literally plow through his enemies.
(Diamondfist is used on Serubuu, shattering him... but he just reforms again)

15. Whirlwind- With this power.... all the ki in Charger's body is thrusted outward, and a golden spiral forms around him, just walking forawar, anyone who gets caught in the aura will be blown away and no one can touch him when the whirlwind is present.
(SSj2 Charger puts the whirlwind up when facing Biarri's minions, and they are thrown around like rag dolls. Biarri uses his speed to stop it, though.)