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     This is the home page for the Yahoo! Club RPG, Pokémon Uranium and Plutonium. The storyline takes place 5 years after the events in Gold and Silver. Many things have changed in these past 5 years. New Pokémon have been discovered and even some created by scientists as they learn more about these creatures. The Mewtwo project has lead to a mass creation of this Pokémon though none will ever have the strength as the first one. Team Rocket is slowly becoming stronger, using  technology they have stolen to evolve Pokémon into new types, hopint to one day conquer the world with this power. Now, the future of the Pokémon World looks dim. Somehow, a massive dragon Pokémon, Usantol, has awoken from his sleep in the dephs of the earth and is wreaking havoc upon the Pokémon World. The dragon has succeeded in decimating the lands of Johto and Kanto but has left the Northern Areas, the desolate land north of Kanto, intact, exept for Techno City. Now, Pokémon trainers must unite to help in defeating this destructive creature.
The most noticable feature of this club is the fact it contains 100 unique Pokémon specifically designed for this club. Use this web site to learn about the RPG.

Hey! Bout time I updated... I am gonna post a fanfic here soon... sort of like a Pokémon anime-style, with Team Rocket, etc... It will be the adventures of Mike through the Pokémon World... the Northern Lands... It will be different from the RPG, but it will still be kewl... It will even have movies! =D Check back to see if I ever post it... o.o;;;

Update on the story...
Usantol has left, for now... He will return in one year exactly to destroy the world, expecting a real challange to be waiting for him... He searches for the one that can really challange his awsome power, the guardian of the balance, light, and peace... The Universal Titan. Will the Titan be summoned in time and will the trainers that have captured the titans unite their powers? We will see in one years time... The trainers that own the titans are listed below...
-Lugia = atomyutwo (Mike)
-Articuno = None
-Zapdos = None
-Moltres = ikkumikon (Ceilia)
-Sowtra = saramoonbeam (Sara)
-Spiress = None
-Metallawk = None

The Story So Far...
-Will I ever write it? Maybe later...

     Pokémon Uranium and Plutonium is a thing I created, an RPG, a FanFic, just something to do.
     (Another thing... I didn't create all of them by myself... I cleaned up a few creations I discovered and gave them data and inserting them into the list...)

In Yahoo!, my screen name is Atomyutwo.


E-Mail me at Atomyutwo@aol.com You can E-Mail me by clicking on the mail box.

Also, my AIM s/n is Atomyutwo or ChargerT.



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Atomyutwo, Nuclamyutri, Omnitwo, Metal Atomyutwo, Uranium and Plutonium, and many other things are creations made by me, Michael Thomas. I am not associated with Nintendo, Game Freak, or any of the other multiple companies that hold trademarks and copywrites for Pokémon. If I catch anyone using my characters without my permission will experience the destruction of Usantol!  MUHAHAHAHA!