The Official Site for The Genetic Failure Mewtwo, Atomyutwo

 Atomyutwo, a creature feared throughout the Pokémon world, is proof that there were experiments before the Mewtwo of New Island. He has a hunger for battle, and will stop at nothing to exterminate the race of creatures that destroyed his life, the humans. Even though he is the "Genetic Failure" Mewtwo, his power shows that he is vastly superior to his "so-called" successful versions.  On this site, you will find information on Atomyutwo, and other things, like his creations and things that have to do with him...

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Atomyutwo, Nuclamyutri, Omnitwo, Metal Atomyutwo, CallerIDeon, Napoleon, Uranium and Plutonium, and many other things are creations made by me, Michael Thomas. I am not associated with Nintendo, Game Freak, or any of the other multiple companies that hold trademarks and copywrites for Pokémon. If I catch anyone using my characters without my permission will feel the wrath of Atomyutwo! MUHAHAHAHA!